VAG MIB 1/MIB 2 Multimedia Rear Camera Interface VW/Seat/Skoda



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Add DVB-T Tuner
Add DAB Tuner
Add Boot Handle Camera
Add Front Camera
Add Wireless SmartPhone Mirroring Interface
Add SatNav GPS with Touch screen Control
Add HDMI Input for Digital Smartphone Mirroring

MIB I/II Multimedia Interface with Touch screen Control

The new Xcarlink v4 Multimedia Video Interface takes multimedia integration to the next level by offering a range of additional features. Not only can you connect any video source to your original factory fitted display (such as DVD player, Smartphone Mirroring etc)  it also allows you to add our Digital TV tuner and control it via the original touch screen.

It features a dedicated rear camera input with parking guidelines that automatically displays on your screen when the car is in reverse which also retains the original parking sensors.

The interface does not replace your existing system but simply offers perfect integration to maintain your OEM appearance. 


  • Watch any video source to your MIB Navigation Screen
  • Rear Camera input with Dyanmic parking guidelines
  • Front Camera Input with Automatic activation
  • When combined with our Digital TV module, our interface provides you with a fully integrated Digital TV solution where you can select stations via the original touch screen.
  • RGB input for aftermarket navigation
  • Video in motion for all connected video sources
  • Switch between Audi display and AV input using the orignal stereo button or steering wheel.
  • Customizable menu system for screen adjustment, parking guidelines etc


VAG (VW, SEAT, SKODA) MIB I with Infortainment system in the glovebox:
  • Golf MK 7 /Skoda Ocatavia 2013 Onwards 5.8" Composition radio
  • Golf MK 7 /Skoda Ocatavia 2013 Onwards 8" Screen with Navigation.
VAG (VW, SEAT, SKODA) MIB II with Infortainment system in the glovebox:
  • W Discovery Media Golf MK 7 2015 Onwards
  • Touran, Passat 2015 Onwards
  • Skoda Columbus, Octavia , Supurb 2016 Onward

The kit includes the following:
  • Xcarlink v4 Multimedia Video Interface
  • AV cable (2 x AV input, 1 x Reverse Camera input, 2 x AV Output)
  • RGBS cable
  • LVDS monitor cable
  • Power cable


The interface is installed at the infotainment unit in the glove compartment and is supplied with plug and play connectors for easy installation.  No cutting of wires and installation instructions are provided with the product