Installation of the Xcarlink involves connecting the interface to the CD changer port on the back of your car stereo.

On some cars the port can be reached from the passenger side, on other cars the car stereo will need to be removed. The procedure for removing the car stereo depends on the make/model of the vehicle. However it can usually be found by referring to your car manual, a local installer or the many online resources such as such as On most cars the unit can be installed in approx 30 minutes.

The iPod wiring can be routed to the centre console, to your glove box or wherever is the most convenient position.

Installation notes:

Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda:

Additional Ground cable included (black wire with ring connector). This needs to be connected to a suitable earthing point i.e the body of the stereo.


Connections to the back of the CD changer need to be disconnected to ensure that the interface is recognized by the radio.


Connection to 12v permanent and ignition required


Connection to 12v required