Citroen RT3-N3 CAN and RT4 TV DVD Video in Motion



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Video in Motion interface for RT3 (CAN) and RT4

The Xcarlink Video in Motion interface provides a simple and effective solution to unlocking the factory fitted video devices. Once installed, the video from the TV Tuner or DVD player can be viewed whilst the car is in motion instead of only when stationary.


Connect the interface wiring to the CAN BUS, power and ground wires on the back of your radio. Instructions on where to connect the wires are included.


Compatible with Citroen and Peugeot models with the following navigation systems:

, Navi Drive (Citroen) and NG4 WipCom (Peugeot)

If you have the RT3 system please press and hold down the menu button on your RT3 unit to check your software version.

If you have software 6.x then your system is CAN BUS and this interface is compatible.

Money Back Guarantee

We have extensively tested this product and confident that it will work with all factory fitted systems in the car models listed above. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied or have any issues with compatibility you can return it to us for a refund.

*This interface is intended for passenger use only. In some countries it is forbidden to watch moving images while driving a vehicle. We cannot accept any liability of any material or personal damages caused by the installation or use of this product. Therefore, installation of this product will be performed at the user full responsibility.