BMW EVO iDrive 5/6 Apple CarPlay Activation



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BMW NBT EVO iDrive 5/6 Apple Car Play Activation

The BMW NBT EVO iDrive 5/6 system can be coded for Apple Carplay easily via USB with our vehicle specific activation files on a USB flash drive.  Our solution allows you o activate car play easily with full step by step instructions enabling you to  activate Apple carplay on your BMW head unit without any specialist knowledge or equipment.  

The process is very straightforward and involve inserting a USB disk with the specific activation files for you car into the USB port for 30 seconds and you can then enjoy the full features of the Apple Carplay  allowing you to connect your iPhone to your BMW system and use the IOS apps on the factory screen such as Maps for Navigation, Spotify , Phone calls and sending texts and access to your itunes music library.


- Activate Apple CarPlay on your original BMW system

- No special coding tools or experience required

- Easy activation/coding via USB flash drive

- Compatible with most BMW NBT EVO iDrive 5/6 vehicles from 2016 Onwards

Please contact us on using the link below before making a purchase so we can firstly check compatilbuity with your vehicle:

We would also require your VIN/Vehicle Registration number and some details about to your system. Should your vehicle be compatible we would the n send you the specific files that you require or alternatively you can order ready prepared USB activation drive (select your preferred option from the drop down menu)