Audi 3G/3G+/4G MMI MOST TV Video in Motion Interface



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Video in Motion interface for Audi 3G/3G+ MMI

The Audi MOST TV in motion interface provides a simple and effective solution to unlocking the factory fitted video devices. Once installed, the video from the TV Tuner or DVD player can be viewed whilst the car is in motion instead of only when stationary.

The interface simply connects to the back of your DVD/CD/AMP unit on the fiber optic loom.  Installation instructions are included.

A4/A5/Q5 with 3G MMI Upgrage 2011 Onwards
Audi A7 2011 Onwards
Audi A8 2009 Onwards
Audi A6 2011 Onwards
VW Touareg with RNS810

*This interface is intended for passenger use only. In some countries it is forbidden to watch moving images while driving a vehicle. We cannot accept any liability of any material or personal damages caused by the installation or use of this product. Therefore, installation of this product will be performed at the user full responsibility.