Xcarlink Bluetooth handsfree module


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The Bluetooth module is an optional accessory which utilizes the technology within an Xcarlink iPod or USB interface. It provides a hands free car kit solution which integrates with your car radio system. It can also be used for wireless streaming of music from an audio device to your car via A2DP stereo Bluetooth.
  • Can be connected to any Bluetooth enabled mobile phone
  • Allows you to make and receive calls hands free through your car stereo speakers
  • Features a separate microphone for added convenience and optimum sound quality
  • Music played via the interface will automatically pause when a call is made or received then resume when ended
  • Ability to wirelessly stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device to your car stereo

The Bluetooth module simply connects to the micro-USB connection on an Xcarlink iPod or USB interface. T
he microphone can then be mounted within a close proximity to the drivers position. It is a plug and play operation with no additional installation required to you car audio system.

Please note: As this adapter connects to either our iPod/USB or All In One interfaces via the CD Changer port of your stereo, you will have to switch to CD Changer mode to make or receive calls or to stream music.
Paring with your Bluetooth mobile phone

1. Ensure that the ignition or radio is powered off before connecting the Bluetooth module
2. The next step is to pair  your mobile phone or device with the Bluetooth module. This can be achieved by accessing the Bluetooth menu or your phone and activating search and discovery mode (Refer to your mobile phones user guide for further information)
3. When you phone displays the list of available Bluetooth devices select "XCarlink"
4. When the phone asks for pairing code enter "0000" and press OK/Connect. The Bluetooth device is now paired with the Xcarlink Bluetooth module and you are ready to receive or make a call.

Making a call

Dial the number on your phone or select a contact. The sound will automatically be routed to your car audio system.

Answering a call

When a call is received you will hear a ring tone via your car radio speakers. The call can be answered in the following ways:

1. By pressing the call answer/reject button on the Bluetooth module
2. By pressing the Fast Forward button (on some radio modules)

During a call
  • During a call the music playing on the iPod or USB interface will automatically interrupt and it will allow you to take the call. Music will the continue to play automatically after the call has ended.
  • A call can be rejected by holding down the call answer/reject button for 3 seconds
  • Press the Bluetooth button, or fast forward button (on certain radios) to end the call


Wire length from interface to Bluetooth module: Approximately 150cm
Wire length from Bluetooth module to microphone: Approximately 115cm


Compatible with all Xcarlink USB or IPOD interfaces with the micro USB connection.

Please note, that on the USB interface, the Bluetooth module uses the same port as the 3.5mm AUX cable. Only one can be connected at any one time.