Porsche Cayenne PCM2.1 TV DVD Video in Motion


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If you a Porsche Cayenne with a factory DVD/TV option you would be familiar with the scenario where you can watch TV/Video on your system while the car is stationary but cuts outs out and prevents you from using it when the car is in motion.

Our TV in Motion interface provides a simple and effective solution to this issue by unlocking TV/DVD system and allowing you to make full use of its features while driving. The interface simply connects to the back of your existing head unit and is 100% plug and play, no wiring cutting so there is no risk of voiding the warranty. Installation is as easy as removing the main wiring plug into the back of your radio system and then connecting it to one end of the interface, then connect the other end back in its place and your ready to go!. The harnesses are made using factory connectors to for complete compatibility and reliability and we also supply a 1 year warranty.

Compatible with Porsche Cayenne PCM 2.1 Systems (2005-2008)

Porsche Cayenne Multimedia Video Interface PCM2.1 & PCM3.0


They system is interned for passenger use only. We cannot accept any liability of any material or personal damages caused by the installation or use of this product. Therefore Installation of this product will be performed at the user full responsibility