Peugeot/Citroen Multimedia Rear Reversing Camera Interface


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Add Dual DVB-T Digital TV Tuner
Add Car DVD Player (3/4 size din)
Add Smartphone Mirroring Inteface
Add Digital Radio (DAB) Tuner
Connect a rear camera or watch any video source on your factory fitted Peugeot/Citroen navigation screen.

Our multimedia interface is a revolutionary product that allows you to integrate an external video source to your cars factory fitted screen. Once installed, it gives you the ability to connect any device such as Smartphone Mirroring, DVD player, Digital TV tuner (DVB-T or a fully integrated rear view Camera. The multimedia interface has a total of two video inputs

The dedicated rear camera input will automatically display the camera image on the factory fitted screen when the reverse gear is engaged. 
  • Watch any video source on your original factory fitted screen.
  • Two video inputs
  • Rear view camera input - automatic switching when in reverse gear
  • Plug and Play installation.
  • Video in motion - for connected video sources
  • Switch between OEM display and AV input using original system controls.
  • RCA video output for rear seat entertainment

The kit includes the following:

  • Multimedia Main interface
  • Plug and Play Harness
  • All essential wires and connectors
  • Rear view camera connection
  • AV cables
  • Toggle switch
  • User Manual

This interface is designed for video. Audio is provided by connecting the interface directly to your AUX in or via an FM modulator.


Compatible with the Following Peugeot/Citroen vehicles with factory fitted SatNav screen:

Berlingo -2014, C3 2010-2016,

  • C3 Picasso 2009-2017,
  • C4 -2014, C4 Picasso -2013,
  • C5 2008-2017,  C6 Approx 2015, C8,
  • DS3 2010-2015
  • DS4 2011-2014,
  • DS5 2012 Onwards
  • Jumpy 2009-2015


  • BATT/ACC range    : 7V~25V
  • Power                          : 0.3A @12V
  • Video input/output: 0.7V~1V
  • Audio input                 : 0~5Vpp
  • Audio output              : 4Vpp max.
  • Video input formats: SECAM /NTSC