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XCarLink » MERCEDES » Wireless Bluetooth AD2P Streaming Kit for Audi Mercedes & VW (XC3000A)

Wireless Bluetooth AD2P Streaming Kit for Audi Mercedes & VW (XC3000A)
Wireless Bluetooth AD2P Streaming Kit for Audi Mercedes & VW (XC3000A) 
Prod. ID: SKU3000

Price: £99.98



The Xcarlink XC3000A Bluetooth adapter is designed to integrate with the original Audi/Mercedes/VW Factory connector to allow Bluetooth music streaming without any wires!  It is incredibly simple to use - instead of manually plugging your iPod/iPhone into the media socket every time enter the car, you can instead connect the XC3000A with an integrated cable to the original media socket which you would connect your OEM iPod lead to.  This allows you to stream music from any Bluetooth phone including the latest iPhone and Android Phones.

The XC3000A is left in the car permanently
and it will connect automatically.  Thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology it is also able to show the song title and track IDs on your original in-car display. 

  • Plug and Play - No installation required
  • Provides the best quality sound
  • Wireless connection with all Smartphones including Apple iOS, Android, Windows Mobile etc.
  • Compatible with Audi AMI, Mercedes Media Interface and VW MDI
  •  Read and display entire iPod library from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch on car display.
  • Access and control play, stop next and previous song via multi-functional steering wheel.
  • Works with 3rd party apps such as Spotify or Pandora
  • You can still keep connected with the original or aftermarket Bluetooth handsfree kit for phone calls while streaming music through the adapter

Car Compatibility

Compatible with Audi, Mercedes and VW with the original multimedia port for iPod options:

●  Audi – Audi Music Interface (AMI)
●  Mercedes – Media Interface
●  VW – Media-In Multimedia Port (MDI)
Xcarlink AMI-MDI Bluetooth Adapter



  •  Wireless Bluetooth Music Adaptor for Original and Aftermarket In-Car iPod Integration
  • Color LED indicator.
  • Powered by high quality CSR BlueCore5 Bluetooth module.
  • Advanced wireless music technology which enable it to communicate with iPod/iPhones and iPads displaying Albums/Artitst/playlists etc
  • Bluetooth V4 +EDR compliant
  • Superior audio quality with Dual ADC and DAC for stereo audio.

Music Device Compatibility

Compatible with all Apple (Including the Latest iPhones), Windows and Android Devices. 

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